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December 28, 2022

Just some real quick reviews to get them out of the way. Mostly so I can remember if I liked them or not. Pfffft.


This was cute. If you like Marcelle, you’ll like it. Did we need a full Marcelle movie? Nah. But it’s worth a watch.


This is a pretty fun and unique movie. Got some scares and creepiness and humor. It’s pretty clever. I liked it.

Thor Love and Thunder

Not as good as Ragnarok, but it’s pretty fun. That’s all.

End of the Road

This is not a great movie by any means, but I enjoyed it just fine. Low budget thriller with a decent cast. Netflix, so why not?


Don’t remember. Dumb?

Father Stu

Fine. Sappy?


This was… fine. It gets better as it goes, and has a decent ending, but overall it’s pretty middle-of-the-road. The premise is kinda weak, which I think just starts the whole thing off pretty bland. There are some legitimately funny moments, and even some heart-felt ones, but never enough to make this feel like a good movie. I dunno, I wanted to like it, but meh. I did think Ashton Kutcher was fantastic. Best thing I’ve seen him do.

Bullet Train

This is a pretty fun time. My only real complaint is that it felt a bit too long for what’s essentially just an action flick. There’s a whole lot of characters.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Overall, it’s fine. It’s sort of a who-done-it horror flick, which is cool, and the story is actually pretty unique, but the characters are just so obnoxious that it’s hard to care about anyone. I know that’s kinda the point, but it also just felt dumb. I dunno.


This looks pretty cool. And the story is somewhat interesting. But it’s just way too long. It takes too much time for anything of substance to happen.

Hocus Pocus

I’d never seen this. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. And it was not what I expected. Who is this for?

Hocus Pocus 2

Don’t remember.


This is a really unique horror movie. I dug it.

Top Gun: Maverick

This was fun. Cheesy, but fun.

Glass Onion

I really liked it. It was somewhat predictable, but it was a really fun watch.

Black Adam

This was fine. I feel like every DC movie is trying to be as good as a similar Marvel movie, and it never is. The second tier heroes in this were just so blah. But overall it was fun enough.

Violent Night

This was pretty fun. I really enjoyed the Home Alone homage. Funny, gory, heartfelt.

The Green Inferno

This was obviously a low-budget movie, but it was actually pretty well done. The acting was hit or miss, and the writing and directing were pretty meh, but overall it was an enjoyable movie. Maybe not enjoyable, but a good watch. It’d be a fun one for them to do on How Did This Get Made?


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