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April 11, 2022


This was fine. Just fine. There’s a lot going on here, and none of it was all that interesting. And it’s so long. The look and style was pretty cool, and some of the characters are interesting, but overall I was just not that into it. It feels like a whole lot of added lore to the MCU that’s just going to make things way, way too confusing. We’ll see.


Overall pretty good. It’s quick and interesting. The acting is good, it looks cool. It’s on HBO Max, so if you’ve got that, might as well watch. The (very) end is dumb.

House of Gucci

I didn’t care much for this. Everything seems just a bit too over-the-top. Time moves so fast, and yet it’s still just so slow. Not a whole lot really happens until the end, and at that point I didn’t really care what happened to any of the people. Nothing really to enjoy here.

The Adam Project

This was a ton-o-fun. It’s funny, it’s clever, it’s got action, it’s got heart. Not much else to say. It’s on Netflix, so check it out!

Miami Connection

I learned about this movie from the How Did This Get Made podcast. And they were right, it’s great. It’s a whole lot of HUH?, with pretty fun music, terrible fight scenes, and even worse acting. It’s a lot of fun. I will admit, it wasn’t quite as good/bad as I was expecting, but it’s definitely worth checking out. I actually think I’d probably like it more after a second viewing.

Voyage of the Rock Aliens

This movie is awesome. Another one I learned about from HTDGM. It’s complete nonsense in the best of ways. The music is great, the gags are great, the look is great. It’s a really, really awesome bad movie.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

There were parts of this movie I loved, and there were parts that, well, I didn’t. The idea of bringing in Peter Parkers from outside of the MCU was really fun. And every scene the three Spider-Men shared together were really great. But more than the other recent Spider-Man movies, this felt really cheesy. I also have a whole lot of questions about the ending. The way they solved the problem seems really problematic. But what do I know. Still a fun movie.


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