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Recent Viewings – Sidewalk 2021

August 30, 2021

Not Go Quietly

This is a very emotional and powerful story about a guy diagnosed with ALS who wants to change the world for the better. It’s heartbreaking to see his mobility deteriorate as he’s getting closer and closer to fulfilling his goals. But he doesn’t let his disease slow him down. This is a really inspirational film, and definitely recommended to everyone.

The Passing On

This doc about an African-American mortician training up the next generation of morticians is definitely a unique story. And it’s quite well told. Worth a viewing if you can find it.

Television Event

Although I was too young to watch or remember it, I’ve definitely seen things about The Day After in pop culture. It is the most watched tv movie of all-time. Or something like that. And it really shook people. This documentary really breaks down the making of it, the production of it, and how much pushback it got. It’s really interesting.

Kid Candidate

I really liked this documentary. It’s about a kid in Amarillo, TX who makes some silly internet vidoes about running for City Counsel, and then actually decides to do it. And he’s really good at it. I mean, I’d vote for him. He’s passionate, and trying to make changes for the right reasons. See this if you get a chance. It might give you a little hope in the future of politics.


This movie is silly! And pretty great. Two dumb-dumbs find a giant fly and decide to train it to help them make money. How, exactly? I dunno! Did I mention they’re dumb-dumbs? Although not always laugh-out-loud comedy, it’s definitely always funny. And the ending was great.


This doc is about the guy who started making a ton of claymation commercials in the 80s. Remember The California Raisins? The Noid? Yeah, that guy. It’s a pretty fun and interesting story until it becomes kinda tragic. The guy just wanted so bad to be the next Walt Disney, but couldn’t quite get there. Anyway, it’s a really well-made doc, and worth seeing if you get the chance.

The Kids

This is such a tragic story. Kids was a big movie in the mid-90s. Some people came away from it rich and famous. And a whole lot of the kids didn’t. This is the story of those kids. It’s such a hard watch, and it’s just so good. There is a ton of footage from the time, and a lot of interviews with a lot of the “kids” now. If you know anything about Kids, you should see this movie. It was the highlight of the weekend, to me, even though it was easily the hardest thing to watch.


Jimmy Carter is an inspiration. I knew he was a great man, and he lived out his beliefs and stuck to his morals, even when it wasn’t popular. But I didn’t know just to what extent. He made a whole lot of hard decisions based on the right thing to do, not about making people happy or getting re-elected. Can you imagine if more politicians were like that? They’re not because, for some reason, as a people, we don’t like that and vote them out. And that makes me so sad. I can’t imagine where we’d be right now if Carter had been elected for a second term. This guy put solar panels on the White House in the 70s (Regan took them down). This guy gave 40 women judgeships (until then, there had been 8 IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATED!). Not one single soldier died in combat during his 4 years as president. He believed in peace, and he proved that over and over again. I could go on, but you should just watch the movie. Jimmy Carter proves that we can be better. Individually, and as a nation.


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