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August 30, 2021
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False Positive

This was… okay. I feel like it had some potential, but overall misses the mark. It’s interesting and creepy, but also just kinda… huh?

How It Ends

This is a quirky little film with lots of familiar faces. It seems to have been born out of boredom during the pandemic. It’s essentially two girls walking around meeting people in LA the day before the world is going to end. It’s funny, and cute, and sweet. I enjoyed it. It’s short, too, so even though not a whole lot happens, it’s not boring at all.

The Suicide Squad

I really enjoyed this. It’s silly, funny, gory, and fun. It’s what you want in a comic book movie. It’s easily the best DC movie, in my opinion.

The Green Knight

I definitely didn’t hate this movie (Sheena did), but I definitely didn’t love it, either. The most likable thing about it is the look. It’s beautiful. And, that’s kinda where the likable stuff ends. I mostly just don’t get the point. It’s very slow, and not a whole lot happens. I dunno. Maybe I missed something. Anyway… meh.

The Bad Batch

This is a weird movie, and I dug it. It’s got some big names, which is weird for something that came out in 2016 and I don’t remember ever hearing about it. We watched it on Netflix and if you like strange, post-apocalyptic-type movies, I think it’d be worth your time.


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