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May 29, 2021

Those Who Wish Me Dead

This movie was pretty entertaining. It’s sort of a weird premise, and I’m not sure why someone decided to make a movie about forest firemen, but I guess we’re always looking for something that hasn’t been done before. The action in this is decent, and the story is cool enough. Worth a watch.

Into The Grizzly Maze

This is a B movie through and through. The acting is pretty good, but everything else is just wacky. The CGI is terrible, the plot is ridiculous, the situations and responses to those situations are just silly. But it’s a fun watch. I’m not sure if this movie is the way it is on purpose, but who cares?

The Whole Truth

This thing really plays like a made-for-tv movie. The acting is weird/weak, and the story feels like it’s being made up as we go along. There are no clues or anything to help you figure out what’s going on, they just keep revealing new parts of the story that you would’ve never considered. It was interesting enough to keep watching just to see where it was all going, but I don’t think the payoff was really worth it.

Army of the Dead

I think I’ve already blocked most of the movie from my mind. I don’t even remember what happens, but I think that’s because it’s hard to know what you just watched. I don’t recall much of anything making sense. But it looked cool?

Wrath of Man

Overall this movie is alright, with some actually good action scenes, but the dialogue and acting in this thing are ROUGH. It’s so bad at the beginning that I thought maybe it was a choice or something, and there would be some sort of reveal to show us why everyone was acting that way. Nope. A lot of the shots are really cool, and the story is interesting enough. Kind of a mixed bag.


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