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July 9, 2019

The Perfection

I dug this movie. It’s weird and unpredictable. The acting is great. The music is great. Pretty unique thriller. Worth checking out.


This movie had a lot of potential. And there are some good moments. Overall, the feel is pretty creepy and fun, but it just never quite went where I wanted it to. The movie in my head is a much better one. And the “twist” ending did nothing for me. Actually, it probably made the movie a little worse. I think this is worth seeing, because it was fun to watch, and the plot is interesting, the execution was just off. Sucks. Could’ve been great.


Yikes. This… wasn’t great. The whole thing just feels so fake. And I know, it’s about a flying elephant, but why can’t that be the extent of the magic and everything else fit in with the real world? That’s Dumbo, to me. One good thing, Danny Devito was great. I dunno, not terrible, but pretty bland.

Holmes & Watson

As much as I love Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly (especially together), this movie was a whole lot of mediocre. I laughed out loud a few times, but I feel like they were almost courtesy laughs. I wanted so bad for it to be funny.

Pet Sematary

Full disclosure, I’ve never seen the original movie. I know, I know. Anyway, I enjoyed this one. It was creepy and kept me interested. That’s what you want in a movie like this, right?


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