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March 25, 2019


This movie was pretty silly. There were so many things I had questions about. Maybe they’ve been answered in the comics or something, but I felt like we as an audience were just supposed to be like… yeah, sure, that works in this world, and that be the end of it. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be ridiculous, but this just seemed more ridiculous than most. It wasn’t boring, by any means, but it felt like we were spending more time laughing at things than caring about what was actually going on.


Now THIS is ridiculousness I can get behind. Interesting story, good characters, great soundtrack. It wasn’t amazing, but it was way better than any of the other Transformers movies I’ve seen (and I’d imagine way, way better than the ones I haven’t). The fact that most of the story centers around the relationship between Bumblebee and the teenage girl who “found” him is so much more enjoyable than a bunch of robots fighting. I recommend this one.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

I thought this movie was really fun. I don’t remember enough about the original to compare the two, but as a stand-alone movie, it’s pretty great. It’s clever, and funny, and has some heart, too. Recommended.

Captain Marvel

I will admit I was really tired when we went to see this, so I might have missed some things, and should probably give it a second chance, but I was quite underwhelmed by this movie. I remember liking the soundtrack, but overall, not much stood out as great to me. The acting was so-so, the story was so-so. It was just all-around fine; nothing more. I get that we needed to know about this character for what’s coming, but it felt like maybe she didn’t need her own, stand-alone movie. I dunno.


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