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February 27, 2018

The Shape of Water

Geez Louise, this is a weird movie. There were parts of it I loved, and parts of it I hated. The fact that it’s nominated for Best Picture kinda blows my mind. It’s just so… weird. Listen, it’s a weird movie.


I loved this movie. It’s beautiful to look at, the story is great, the voices are perfect, and the music is fantastic. Just watch it, you weirdo.

I, Tonya

Good stuff. The acting is fantastic, with Robbie, Janney, and Stan all doing an excellent job, but I thought that Paul Walter Hauser really stole the show as Harding’s dim-witted bodyguard. The soundtrack really helps draw you into the time, and is just fun. More than anything, I liked the way the movie was directed/edited. It goes back and forth between documentary-style interviews, to narrative, with the occasional breaking of the fourth wall. In the wrong circumstances, this probably would’ve really bothered me, but it works well here. This movie peaked my interest so much that I’ve since watched the ESPN 30 for 30, and the recent ABC special on it. Such a strange and interesting story.


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