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November 21, 2017

The Big Sick

This is just an all-around good movie. It’s an uplifting, true story from one of my favorite actor/comedians, Kumail Nanjiani, about the beginning of his relationship with his now wife, Emily. It’s at times funny, and at times sad, but it’s 100% heartfelt. Recommended.

War for the Planet of the Apes

I love this trilogy. It’s so interesting to follow the growth of Caesar from Rise to War. The cgi is incredible, the acting is fantastic, and the story is surprisingly complex. Obviously if you’ve seen the other films, you’ll wanna see this. And if you haven’t seen the others, I’d recommend the whole series. Do it.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This is a really fun “prequel” to the Harry Potter series. The imagination put into the creatures in this movie was really fun, and the story was unique and interesting. I really liked the characters, too, especially Jacob (Dan Fogler). If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter universe, you’ll dig this.

The Babysitter

This thing is ridiculous. And super fun. It’s a horror/comedy, which means it’s super bloody and crude and, also, really funny. There were plenty of “what are you doing?” moments that were frustrating, but I just had to keep reminding myself what I was watching and how silly it all was, then it wasn’t such a big deal. If you aren’t put off by silly, over-the-top gore, and you like weird, unique movies, you’ll probably like this.

Are You Here

This movie is… interesting. It’s a comedy. Kinda. It’s a drama. Kinda. It’s hilarious. Sometimes. It’s depressing. Sometimes. It feels like it’s not sure what it wants to be. And then it feels like it’s exactly what it was planned to be. The weird thing is, when I think about all of that, it seems like something I wouldn’t like, but I did like it. It’s nothing I’m going to look forward to watching over and over, but if this sounds intriguing to you at all, check it out. It’s on Netflix.


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