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October 9, 2017

Little Evil

This is a fine little movie for a turn-your-brain-off, cheap movie night. It’s on Netflix, has Adam Scott, and isn’t terrible. What a great review!

Spider-man: Homecoming

Logan, maybe my favorite superhero movie ever, came out earlier this year. It was dark, and gory, and great. This movie is on the complete opposite end of the superhero movie spectrum. And I loved it. It’s just so fun, and funny, and… great! And the kid who plays Peter is perfect. This is by far the best iteration(?) of Spider-man, and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Blade Runner 2049

Nate, Barry, and I watched the original Blade Runner Thursday night in preparation for a Friday night viewing of 2049. I hadn’t seen it in years, and honestly didn’t remember much of anything about it. I liked it. It’s a cool story with a killer soundtrack, and some really impressive visuals, especially for 1982. So, with a fresh viewing of the original, I was excited to see this new sequel. And it did not disappoint. This may seem silly, but I think it’s a near perfect movie. My only real complaint, if I have to have one, is that it could stand to be a little shorter. Not that I would necessary take anything out, but at almost 3 hours, I was definitely ready to stand up and stretch. The visuals are amazing, the soundtrack, again, is great, and the acting is superb. I found the story super interesting, and the little easter eggs and callbacks really fun. I honestly can’t wait to see it again.


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