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February 27, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge

For the first half of this movie, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like it very much. It felt very Forrest Gump-y. Maybe it was just his slow, Southern accent, I’m not sure, but it just felt hokey. I also had a problem with Vince Vaughn as Desmond’s Sargent. I just can’t take that guy seriously. Once they went into battle, though, it got about as far from hokey as you can imagine. From what I’ve read, this movie is very true to what actually happened. Which seems crazy. I even saw that Mel Gibson took out some stuff that actually happened because it made the story seem too unbelievable. It’s an amazing story. The bravery and conviction of Desmond Doss is unimaginable.


About 5 minutes into this movie it was fairly obvious that it was based on a play. There was a whole lot of fast dialogue without much else going on. Once I was on board with that, the movie really sucked me in. The acting, and writing, is just so, so good. I guess I can understand that some people would think that it’s boring, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen. It was just so mesmerizing. Although there are only a handful of characters, there is not a weak link in the bunch. I’m really glad Viola Davis won the Oscar for this. She really was the highlight of an entirely amazing cast. Man, this is good stuff.

Manchester by the Sea

I feel like this is a good (for lack of a better term) story, but it just didn’t resonate with me. The performances are good, but I honestly just didn’t care about any of the characters. In a movie where nothing seems to go right, it’s kind of important that you care for the people who can’t seem to catch a break. I guess I see why Casey Affleck won for Best Actor (my vote was for Denzel), but even with some good acting, he just didn’t make me feel for his character. I think if this same movie would’ve been made by someone else, with a different cast, I could’ve loved it.


I loved this movie. It’s such a great story about love, and family, and never giving up. After watching, all I could think about was how much I wanted to read the book it’s based on; to learn how exactly it all happened. This is most definitely worth checking out, and I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t like it. Also, the kid who plays young Saroo is ADORABLE.


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