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July 11, 2016

Turbo Kid

I love movies like this. Genre: B-Movie-On-Purpose? The type that are so silly and weird and over-the-top. This one is made to look and feel very 80’s, but in a very modern way. It’s funny, and stupid, and classic, and gory, and just great. It is definitely it’s own thing, and a lot of people would/will probably just think it’s dumb, but if it sounds at all intriguing to you, I think you’ll like what you see.


I don’t get it. It billed as a comedy/horror/thiller, and the reviews are overwhelmingly pretty solid, but I found it to be lacking in all of those areas. It’s not a bad movie by any means, but it’s never super funny, or super scary, or super anything. It’s just there. It’s… fine. (Thinking back, we never even actually finished this one. Probably never will.)

Water for Elephants

Sheena’s mom read this book while we were in NC, so she wanted to see how the movie compared. It’s a decent movie. It’s nothing all that special, but the elephant is awesome. Because, well, elephants are awesome.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I’d heard mostly negative things about this movie. To be fair, I watched the “Ultimate Edition” (which is supposed to be better), but I really liked it. There are some thing I didn’t quite get, and it’s definitely too dang long (UE is 3 hours), but I thought the story was really good. When I heard the movie was being made, I thought it sounded dumb, but it actually makes sense. And I honestly think this is my favorite portrayal of Superman in any of the Superman movies. You can really feel his pain as he tries to do what is right, but is constantly vilified for things he may or may not be setting into motion. I’m interested to see where they go with this new-ish version of these characters.


This is a pretty cute little animated movie. It’s not my favorite by any means, but it’s got a great message, and there are a few laugh-out-loud moment. The theme song, on the other hand, is awful. I picture three or four old dudes in suits coming up with the lyrics and exclaiming, “Oscars! Here we come!” and then high-fiving while smoking big cigars.

Midnight Special

This is an interesting one. It’s essentially about a dad and his friend trying to get his “special” son to a certain place for a certain reason that we aren’t real certain of. It’s intense in parts, and definitely intriguing throughout. I’m not sure the payoff is all that spectacular, but it’s at least interesting. The acting is awesome, and the special effects are pretty cool. Definitely worth checking out.



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