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May 26, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

This was a fun, albeit super unrealistic, movie. The plot is pretty cool, and cast is pretty awesome. They relied way too much on cgi, which added to the unrealistic-ness(?) of everything. There is one scene (you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about) that is so far beyond making any sense or even fitting into an exaggerated world such as this, it’s just plain silly. But the fight scenes were great, for the most part, and really gory, which I didn’t expect. This is worth seeing for the fun factor, but it’s no James Bond.


This movie was just kind of all over the place. I liked the ending, I guess, kinda, just because it was something different, but there are holes and bad decisions all through this thing. There’s a whole sub-plot that was completely unnecessary, and the use of Die Antwoord was just weird. I’m not saying their acting wasn’t fine, but they were essentially just playing “themselves.” They had the same character names as their band names, listened to their own music, and there is even a Die Antwoord t-shirt worn at one point, with never an actual mention of the band/group/whatever. It just made no sense. More than anything, though, this movie just didn’t compare to District 9 (which was amazing) AT ALL. There were a few good moments, and it looked really great, but it was mostly just confused fluff. Also, Sheena cried.

Teen Witch

Sheena had told me about this movie years ago. Somewhat recently, they released it on Netflix. We finally got around to watching it. Oh man. This movie is awful. It’s so dumb, it really doesn’t make much sense (not even counting the witch part), and the writing/directing/acting is horrible. And it was really fun to watch. It’s definitely a solid so bad it’s good movie. Check it out and laugh at how dumb it is.

The Babadook

I’m not a big horror movie fan. They just come across as silly to me, most of the time. This one actually starts off strong. It really doesn’t even feel like a horror movie. The more and more “horror” it gets, the sillier it gets. At a certain point, things just get so crazy that it was just confusing. And then the ending is just kinda dumb. I won’t say I didn’t like this movie, because it was enjoyable, for the most part, but I honestly think I would’ve played better as a thriller about a mom going completely nuts. Take out the “monster” and make it actually seem realistic. That would be scary.

The One I Love

I like this movie, mostly because it’s really unique. It’s a little hard to talk about in a review, without giving away some major plot points, but let’s just say it’s a fun and interesting premise. My only real complaint is that they never really explained how what is happening, is happening. I like explanation. Beyond that, it’s a cool little movie.


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  1. May 27, 2015 2:55 am

    I agree with all of these review except the one about Chappie. I give it a B. And yes, I did cry. I cried at the parts of the movie that anyone with emotions would cry.

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