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July 12, 2013


Surprisingly, this wasn’t half bad. I know nothing of the character/comic/whatever, but I would guess that this movie is more true to it than the Sly Stallone version. It’s pretty gory and comic bookie. A bit cheesy in parts, and the special effects are a little fake looking at times, but it’s pretty easy to look past that and enjoy yourself.

Hard Candy

This movie was really good… at making me really uncomfortable. Which was the point, so I have to say it was a good movie, albeit a good movie that I never want to see again. And most of you probably won’t want to see for a first time.

Jack the Giant Slayer

I actually really liked this one. It was a cool spin on the Jack and the Beanstalk story. The special effects were cool (although a little too “for 3D” at times), and the characters were great. I don’t remember there being any blood, but it’s pretty violent in parts, so it’s not for young kids, but definitely family friendly.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

This thing was all over the place. I have no idea who the audience for this was supposed to be. It seemed to be aimed at teenagers, but was really, really gory, and the language was pretty bad in parts (in really dumb ways). I will say the plot was better than I expected, but it wasn’t great. Not a waste of time, but nothing special.

Red Dawn

Although super unrealistic, this was actually a pretty fun movie. Suspenseful and action-packed. My one complaint is that one of the main characters is a young man who looks like an old lady with her face melting off. I understand that’s mean, but every time he was on screen, either Sheena or I one would make a comment. It was that distracting. The ending was disappointing, but that’s no reason not to give it a shot.


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