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April 3, 2013

Gangster Squad

Although by no means perfect, this movie is worth seeing. It’s got some great action scenes and superb acting. I could’ve done without the cheesy narration. Actually, there was a touch of cheesiness throughout. It was a little like they couldn’t figure out what kind of movie they wanted to be. The dark moments were fantastic, but the light moments kind of took me out of the story. There were touches of humor that worked, but I really wish it would’ve just stayed dark throughout. The entire cast is great, but I love Giovanni Ribisi. I don’t think he’s ever done anything I haven’t liked. Like I said, worth checking out.

Wreck-It Ralph

I liked it! It wasn’t as funny as I expected it to be, but it was a great story with some great characters. And the animation was really well done. I loved the different styles of different video games, and how they made the insides of an arcade work like a city. It was a cool premise, well executed, and worth seeing.


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