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November 1, 2012

The Campaign

We couldn’t have watched this at a better time… the night after the final presidential debate. It was quite fitting. Not surprisingly, it’s about two people doing whatever it takes to make the other person seem unfit to lead. There are a lot of really funny moments in this movie, but it’s not near as funny as I hoped it would be. And it’s pretty crass, but I guess so is the political life? I dunno. I think this would have been golden, had it been directed by Adam McKay. It had that McKay/Ferrell feel, but in the end never quite reached that level of comedy. Worth checking out if you aren’t too easily offended.

Safety Not Guaranteed

I really, really liked this movie. It’s a small, short, quirky, funny, indie film, and I thought it was just about perfect. The acting is excellent, aside from Audrey Plaza, who was fine, but was just doing her typical sarcastic, unhappy routine. The story was engaging, and the characters were believable and relatable. It’s just an all-around good movie. See it if you get a chance.


Date night! Sheena likes scary movies. I usually don’t because they’re pretty predictable and usually not very scary. This one wasn’t necessarily all that scary, but it was pretty interesting. I thought the plot was unique (to a non-horror fan), and it was creepy enough to keep me invested. If you like this style of movie, I think you’d like this one.


This is a strange one. It’s pretty slow, but the performances, for the most part, are great. The main dude in the movie is a cowboy played by Eddie Redmayne, whom I didn’t recognize, but I thought he was excellent. It’s a strange story, with a strange ending, and a lot of uncomfortable situations, but it was a pretty interesting viewing.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Could have been awesome. Wasn’t.


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