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May 9, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods

Sheena and I went to the theater to see Safe House. It was messed up or something. So Sheena just kind of blurted out the next best option, since the lines were so long, and most everything playing right now looks terrible. And this is how we came to see The Cabin in the Woods. Honestly, I most likely would have never seen this movie otherwise. From the trailer, it looked like a pretty typical teen horror movie, with a slight twist, but not all that interesting. During the opening credits when i saw Joss Whedon was a co-writer, I instantly felt better. I really like most everything he’s done, so knowing he was behind it gave it a lot of credibility to me. The opening scene is unlike any opening scene to any horror movie ever. Sheena actually said “is this the right movie?” After the title popped up (humorously), and we knew we were in the right theater, we immediately knew we were in for something completely different. And it was kinda awesome. I don’t want to give anything away, but I’ll just say that is movie is really funny, and really gory, and really creepy, and really unique. It’s not perfect, by any means, but there is nothing better than going to a movie and being completely caught by surprise, in a good way. If you can put up with the blood and guts stuff, see this. I have a good feeling it’s better than Safe House. Sheena’s review.

Jeff, Who Lives At Home

The more I think about this movie, the more I like it. It’s nothing particularly special, at least at the surface. There’s no real action, not a whole lot really happens, and it’s not near as funny as I expected it to be. But it’s a wonderful story. It’s messy and sad and crappy and lovely and beautiful and forgiving. It’s very real life. So, yeah… I like it. Sheena’s review.

The Swell Season

This documentary follows Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for a few years as they tour the world after gaining almost over-night success by winning the Oscar for their song from the movie Once, which is a movie you should see if you’re a music lover. That was a long sentence. I feel like if you aren’t really a fan of their music, you won’t care so much about this film, but if you like them, you’ll love it. It’s full of live performances and some really great, intimate moments between the two musicians alone, and with their families and friends. It really takes you into their lives on the road, and at times is even a little uncomfortable as they struggle with fame, their relationship, homesickness, exhaustion, etc. Again, if you’re a fan, definitely check it out.


Nuts. Mega-nuts. This is another music documentary, but VERY different. It’s more like a documentary about a super dysfunctional family than about musicians. It follows two bands that are very close to each other, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols, and their ups and downs while dealing with success, or lack-there-of. And it’s just a train wreck. This is probably something most people wouldn’t care to see, but if you like music documentaries, this one is definitely entertaining. Almost too entertaining.


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