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December 27, 2010

Black Swan

Man, this movie is weird. It’s good, but it’s weird. It was directed by Darren Aronofsky, who only does weird stuff (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain), so that wasn’t really a surprise. It’s about all kinds of stuff: good vs. evil, control, rivalry, relationships, perfection, and on and on. It’s a very intense movie, and it’s got a whole lot of awkward scenes, so I wouldn’t really recommend it to most people. But it was intriguing and I’m glad I saw it. I just don’t want to ever see it again.


This is one of those movies that you can’t really talk about, or you’ll ruin it for anyone who will see it in the future. I’ll just say that it’s a documentary about a guy who starts a relationship with some people on facebook, and stuff gets crazy. I’ve read that a lot of people think this is just a made up story shot to look like a documentary, but in the research I’ve done (including interviews on 20/20), it seems to be legit. And that makes it a really great movie. Real or not, it’s an interesting story that asks some interesting questions about relationships, the internet, etc. And it gets pretty intense and keeps you guessing, which is fun on any level. If you get a chance, see this movie.

Animal Kingdom

A movie about bank robbers without a single bank robbery. And it’s really good. It’s kinda slow, but not at all in a bad way. It’s just a slow, thoughtful movie about a crime family. There are some exciting, intense scenes, but they are few and far between. It is an Australian film, so the accents are hard to understand at times, which is kind of annoying, but you get used to it. There are quite a few twists that keep you guessing, and the ending was a complete shock to me. Good, good stuff.


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  1. sheena permalink
    December 27, 2010 7:50 pm

    good reviews!
    i can’t wait to see your top 15!!


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