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those that are coming or have come before…

August 22, 2006

The weeks of August and September are very promising in DVD land.

Here are some titles I’ve been looking forward to…


8th –
Brick (rental), Prison Break Season 1 (rental)

15th –
The Simpsons Season 8 (already purchased), Safe Men (rental, possible purchase)

22nd –
The Wizard (will revisit, might purchase…remember this? the first glimps at the power glove…wow.)

29th –
Arrested Development Season 3 (will purchase), The Tick Season 1 (rental, possible purchase), Darkwing Duck (possible purchase)


5th – Lost Season 2 (rental), United 93 (rental)

12th – The Office Season 2 (will purchase), Lucky #Slevin (rental)


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