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May 27, 2004

this will be short.
brian got here.
we had a good night last night.
they lost his bag, so we stayed in austin until the next flight arrived.
we went back to the airport at around 11, and they had already sent his bag to killeen.
while we were waiting, sheena, brian, and i went to shady grove to eat, and then to spider house for a milkshake, black and white, and orange crush.
we met some of sheena’s friends. ian, dave, and ryan. they seemed like nice guys.
i didn’t talk much. it was kind of awkward to me. not sure why.
brian talked a lot, though. so maybe he covered up my shyness, or whatever it was.
i was glad to see that britt got home safely.
i have to work in a few. i’m not excited about that.
i leave this weekend for a camp in oklahoma.
i was going to drive to midland and ride the bus with the kids, but i just found out that it wouldn’t be that much longer to just drive to tulsa. so i may do that now.
who knows?
hopefully tonight brian and i can work on some music.
bob’s going to a graduation.
i guess we’ll all get together tomorrow.
sorry this was pointless.

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