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May 26, 2004

today at work was insane.
some dude got in a fight with his wife at the hospital,
and he climbed one of the cranes and was threatening to jump off.
we had to shut down the valet service because the police had all of the parking lot blocked off.
i even heard a guy say, “we need to call in a negotiator!”
i felt like part of the action.
i voluteered my excellent negotiating skills, but i was rejected.
there were four of us left at work and we decided since we couldn’t go pick up cars that we’d split up, and two of us would stay at the stand and two of us would hang in the parking lot to show people where their cars were. blake and i volunteered for the parking lot. why? because then we could just stand there and watch. yes.
i pulled my car into the lot and rolled down all the windows and turned up some death cab and we watched the man walk back and forth. i called will and got him to bring us some sonic. hard life. we spent about two hours sitting out there just watching. i was supposed to get off at 5:30…and it was 6:30, and boring….so i left. that sounds bad, doesn’t it?

kirk, bobby, and i went to spinthrift’s practice. they are so good. quite talented and so young. good stuff.

now i’m at home. talking on the phone to sheena. she is doing some card thing for her dad…about his personality or something. sounds interesting. sheena is one of my favorite people ever. i like to make her go “aww….” and smile.

i’m ready for facial hair.

ivory lines lead o wha o o wha o


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